Clean-Up, Clean-Up, Everybody Do Your Share…

(If you know what the title refers to, then you have kids, or you baby-sit, or you have a great memory of the songs of your child-hood).

I spent the better part of today cleaning up our kids’ play-room. Wow. How in the world did my two children gather unto themselves more toys than Santa’s Elves make in a decade? Seriously, as I began to sift through the mountain of Barbies, My Little Ponies, and Matchbox Cars, my mind wandered to all of the things that I COULD have been doing, all of the things that would have been more pleasurable. Like mowing my lawn with a pair of scissors, or shingling the neighbors house for free. So much stuff!

I now know where my retirement savings have gone. To Geoffrey the Giraffe. ToysRUs…you are the devil!

I purchased two 6 foot tall shelving units, put them together, and organized my daughters stuff. Also, I was able to convince her to throw out 3 garbage bags FULL of stuff. (We also found 1 bag of stuff worth donating to good-will).

I now know where my kids’ college savings have gone. To Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s…you are the anti-christ!

I would wager that I threw away AT LEAST 60 cheap, plastic toys from various fast food restaurants. I am a terrible, terrible father.

If you have gotten this far, you can see that I have NOTHING to report along financial lines. WHY? Because, I will receive just one more paycheck before 10-10-2005, and it will be for less than 600 bucks. SO, unless some miracle happens… I will miss my pay-back deadline.

I am bummed, and I am trying to do a ton of projects around the old house to keep my mind off of my “failure”. (I know, I know, it’s cool that I have paid off so much already, but I really did want to make my goal. I am afraid I will lose my motivation…Breathe, ncn, breathe.)

Well, the play room is all nice and neat now, and that makes me happy. I am blessed, my kids are night-night in their beds, and the wife is curled up with a book, reading quietly. I have plenty to eat, dry clothes, and I am surrounded by people I love.

I think I will forget about personal finance for a few days, and just be thankful… for runny noses, happy faces, big-two-year-old boy messes, kindergarten successes, and kisses good-night.

Clean-up, clean-up, everybody everywhere…
Clean-up, clean-up, everybody do your share…

Night All…