Lessons To Live By?

Well, what have I LEARNED during this process of trying to get out of debt? Here are 10 things:

  1. Planning is crucial. I needed a well conceived, laid-out strategy for success.
  2. Despite all of my planning; random and unforeseen things happened. I had to learn to be flexible, able to adjust, find a way to gather myself, and move forward.
  3. Money must be ACTIVELY managed. There were a few weeks where I was lax about my financial responsibilities, and I really lost ground.
  4. It was wonderful that my spouse and I were on the same page.
  5. Food, healthy or not, usually cost more than I planned. Diapers, formula, and fresh vegetables seemed to fluctuate in price more than any other items I shopped for.
  6. Owning three, paid-for, nice automobiles feels awesome.
  7. I used to buy a ton of things that I didn’t really need.
  8. Budgeting was easy once I got started. STAYING on budget was much harder.
  9. Diets stinks.
  10. His Word says, “He will be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.” A lamp shows you the next step. A light shows you your destination. If I can see those two things: the next step I should take, and the destination I should head for, then I know that I am on the road to blessing, understanding, giving, and growing.