Random Thoughts


It was 99 degrees today where we live. 99 degrees. September 18, and the temperature was 99 degrees. Yes, 99 degrees.

In blog news, I have started a new “feature” here on the old ncnblog. If you check the upper portion of the right-hand column, you will see the “Posts of the Day” feature. I will list various posts from other blogs that I like. These posts will change – ummm- daily.

In personal finance news, nothing much to report. Still waiting for the old end of the month paycheck, and I am planning on sending almost the entire amount to the cc balance. (This will be my wife’s check.) We will live off of my weekly check. I am still scrounging around the old closet to find some eBay worthy items to sell. (Is it wrong to want my 2 year old to grow, simply so I can sell his old baby clothing?)

I think I am going to set up my Roth IRA for retirement investing next month. I want to be prepared to invest immediately after we are debt free. (My wife has a state retirement plan, and I have a 403b, already.)