Random Thoughts

10 Things I Want

Okay, Here is my list of “stuff” I’d like to own after I am debt free. Will I buy these things? Hmmm..some, yes and some, no. I will make those decisions AFTER I am debt free. But, I thought I ‘d list them here (in case ya want to send me something someday..hehe).

1. Ipod Nano (These things just LOOK awesome. I have a Shuffle, but would LOVE a NANO)
2. I want a wide-screen notebook. Dell, HP, Apple, I don’t care. I JUST WANT ONE!
3. I want a sweet bicycle. Now, I am 30 years old, and have not ridden a bike for 10 years, and don’t know a quality bike from a crappy wal-snart bike, but I want to start riding. HOOK ME UP if you know what I should BUY!
4. I want a new riding Lawn Mower.
5. I want the following new yard tools: shovel, rake, hoe, grubbing rake, hedge trimmers, and clippers.
6. I want a new FULL SIZE FORD TRUCK. (Dreeeaam, dream, dream, dream)
7. I want a “MEDIA”- house in my back yard. (Picture a “work-shop” type building, but with cool a/c and nice a/v equipment. My grand-pa-in-law had a “house” he built in his backyard, where he could go chill and watch games on Sunday. I want one of these.
8. I want a pool.
9. I want an HDTV.
10. I want a new vacuum cleaner. (I know, I’m a guy, but I LIKE to vacuum…)

NOW, to the point of this post. I could HAVE everything on this list, by 5 PM TOMORROW. I have MORE THAN ENOUGH CREDIT to purchase any of these things. In fact, I could have TWO of everything listed, and still be able to borrow MORE MONEY. Why don’t I? Delayed gratification, self-discipline, and priorities. Please note, NONE of the things that I listed are out of the realm of “reality”. I did not list wild and crazy things (a diamond studded belt buckle or gold shower knobs). NO, I listed things people FINANCE every single day. They finance them because they want things NOW, NOW, NOW! We are a “3 year old” society. We want what we want, when we want it, and we fuss (mostly internally) when someone else gets more or gets it first. We need to grow UP! I decided in April to never, ever buy anything again that I couldn’t PAY FOR. Why? Because I’m such a super duper mature dude? Nope. I just wised up and realized that I don’t want to eat ALPO when I get old just so I can have a fancy mp3 player while I am young. I will wait a little while, but the stuff I want, AND retire with dignity and respect.

(Dude, I really do want that NANO, like, TODAY… Sometimes I HATE being and adult)