Debt Story

Simple Living

First thing, check out the Carnival of Personal finance over at Smart Money Daily. Jon has a great blog, and I think you should check it out.

Also, if you like podcasts (these are down-loadable mp3 shows), then check out the ladies over at More Hip Than Hippie.
I am a conservative, and we get a bad rap when it comes to environmental stuff, but I really like what they do at More Hip. They talk about their families, money, and healthy stuff. Pretty cool.

Now, onto today’s thoughts:
I really, really need to start eating more healthily. I am over-weight, and I hate this. I consider myself an active guy, but man, can I eat! I have sleep-apnea, and I know that part of it is caused by my weight (not all of it though… I had it when I was thinner, just a mild-er-ish case) SOO… that leads me to my newest goal. Combing frugality with weight loss. I think that I am going to shop an buy the cheapest stuff I can that will also be healthy, and when I want to buy something that is not good for me, instead of looking at it like a “health” decision, I will look at it as a “financial” decision. SO, when tempted to buy a box of cookies, instead of going “hey, that’s not good for my belly”, I will go “hey, that’s not good for my WALLET.” Why this new approach? Because, when it comes to money, I have TONS of discipline. When it comes to food…well, I just weight TONS.

Debt Re-Payment Progress: NONE… Why? Well, just waiting until end of month for bills to come in, pay-check to come in, subtract former from latter, and pay-off debt then. On holding.