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Open Letter to ABC Sports

Alright, I know that this is a personal finance blog…but I need to get this off my chest. I am a “huge” football fan, but I was sickened by the opening of Monday Night Football tonight. So mad, in fact, that I emailed the following letter to both abc and to espn. I post it here for all to read. (If you did not see the skit, it featured several “actors” in a simulated air-traffic-control tower, watching two “planes” almost collide)

To ESPN and ABC,
The opening of Monday Night Football (Featuring a fake “plane-crash” scenario)
was highly offensive. Considering the date of the broadcast (one day after
the anniversary of 9/11) I was shocked and appalled. Insinuating that “jets” needed
to be called on to handle “run-away” planes was a disgusting reminder of the
events of 4 years ago. I think that whoever was in charge of this “skit” should be
fired, and a public apology should be issued immediately. The “Desperate Housewives”
skit from last year was stupid. This skit was reprehensible.