Debt Story

What’s Time To A Hog

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Well, the wheels on this bus have slowed to a crawl. I am still moving forward, and will make some form of debt re-payment Monday or Tuesday, but there is no way that I can manage the 100 dollar a day goal. Will I still be able to be debt free by 10-10-2005? It appears very unlikely. I KNOW that I will be debt free by Christmas, but I really, really wanted to hit the 10-10 date. But, I am reminded of the old Jerry Clower line, “what’s time to a hog?”. I have been in debt for 15 years, so what’s a couple of months more, hmmm…

WELL, I’LL TELL YA…It’s two stinkin’ months too many. While I cannot see HOW I am going to do it, I AM GOING TO FIND A WAY. I will scour my closets and attic for things to ebay. I will skimp on every purchase. This is a very, very important goal that I have set for myself. I really, really, really, really, really, want to knock this junk out by 10-10. So, I am going to do it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Why? Because, for my entire LIFE, I have delayed taking responsibility for my financial actions! NO MORE! A line has been drawn in the sand, and if I must take showers with watered-down shampoo, If I must eat beans and rice, if I must turn the a.c. up and not drive my car…SO BE IT. I will succeed. I must succeed.

Man, I hope I make it…