Debt Story

Step Away From The…

Hey all, a quick thanks for all of the positive vibes I have received. I am over my “I want to quit” junk, and will get back to business. What, pray tell, did I do to get over my bad mood? Well, I ditched the junk food, ate a bunch of fruit and grilled chicken, and went for a good work-out. Then, I came home and read the blog, and then chilled out to a free relaxation mp3 from this site: Meditainment. That made me feel much, much better. Thanks to Hello, Dollar for input, and the input from all who commented.

Now, back on track, and to the plan. I have not missed the XM or the Netflix, and I made a total of over 700 bucks from eBay. I have a few more items to auction, so I might manage over 1000 bucks when I am totally finished. For now, I am going to chill with what I have.

I still have not received my title to our Accord from Honda. I am waiting one more day to check the mail, and will call them Friday to verify. Also, as planned, I sold my XM Receiver and Home Kit. Good stuff.

I will be making a sizable dent into my debt on Monday. I am going to try to pay somewhere between 1000 and 2000 dollars, depending on just how much money comes in, and what the exact totals are for some bills due.

Again, thanks for the support, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.