Ah, To The Heart, A Dagger

Man, oh man. Well, I have analyzed and analyzed our current situation, and two things just HAD to go. First, my XM Radio Subscription. I had pre-paid in April for 2 years of service, in order to get a discount on my monthly rate. However, I have decided that this is a LUXURY and not an NEED. (DUH, I know). Also, we have cancelled our netflix account. This amounts to about 30 bucks a month in savings. (The XM fees will be returned, without penalty for canceling.) Well, these are the types of things we must do to ensure our success.

Now, there are probably two kinds of reactions to the above:

First Reaction: Dude, I could never give up my movies or my entertainment, I need these things to survive! (IF this is your reaction, please note, I’m with you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my XM, and am going to “suffer” without it for a few months until this debt is gone).

Second Reaction: Dude, what in the world were you doing with satellite radio and movie rentals WHILE TRYING TO GET OUT OF DEBT? You are a doofus, ncnblog. (IF this is your reaction, you are totally correct. I was being selfish and foolish with my money. I “wanted” these things, and pretended, for 4 months, that I “needed” these things. NO MORE… Be gone, ye debt re-payment hindrances, I need thee no longer!)

I shall retire to my un-entertaining side of the room and cry for a while.

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