Debt Story

Financial Planner Meeting

On Saturday, I met with one of the ELP (Endorsed Local Providers) from Dave Ramsey’s Site. He came to my house, and we sat down and talked for about 2 hours. He was very, very helpful, and explained, in great detail, the various retirement and savings options available to me and my family. He was not pushy, at all. In fact, he simply answered my questions, gave me some information, left his business card, and told me to call him when I was ready. Totally, NO PRESSURE at all. If you are new to mutual funds and investing, I strongly recommend contacting them. Oh, I am in no way affiliated with Dave, I just have used his program to get out of debt.

Mini-eBay Update: As of Sunday, we are up about 650 bucks profit, and I will be analyzing my situation for debt re-payment this Friday. I have great hope that I will be able to put a sizeable portion of my next week’s paycheck towards our 2nd Auto. Thanks to all of you who have left such positive feedback.

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