200 More! (EDIT MAKE THAT 400 MORE!

Edit to this post: I am now up 400 bucks profit from ebay. 17 items sold. 24 more listed. Yay!

Yippee! 200 bucks made so far from eBay this week. I have 30 more items listed, and have sold 7 so far. I am excited, as my goal of 600 dollars from this two-week selling seems to be within reach. I have been eBaying since the early days, and here are my two, okay 2 and a half, ideas for how to reach people with your auctions.

1. Sell like items. (All baby clothes, all books, all cd’s, all beanies, etc.) When people click the link to see what else you are selling, they want things similar to what they are already looking at. If you have multiple types of items, sell them in groups, week to week. Clothes week A, Books week B, etc. etc.

2. Do not price yourself out of the game. Don’t go too high, but, even more important, don’t go to low. If you are an individual seller (like Me) make your auctions look like the auctions of an individual seller! Nothing to fancy, nothing to glitzy. Basic info, decent starting price, use buy it now…k.i.s.s.

Thanks again for all who have viewed the blog… I had the most traffic EVER today!

Oh yeah, I had to edit this post to add this… please check out this post I did the other day. It got very little response, but I thought it was actually a good post. It’s about financial reality television show ideas. Add your own!