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New Hobby

So, I have a new hobby. Raising Chickens… Seriously, stop laughing. We live in a rural part of our town, and I used to have chickens when I was a teenager, and I wanted to teach my daughter about raising them. So far, I have not purchased my chickens. I want to have about 12 chickens in all, and they will be in a neat, well-maintained pen in the very back corner of our yard. They will not be visible from the road that goes by our home, or from our front or back porches. They are in a “hidden” section of our yard, between our chain-link fence and the neighbor’s fence. I have created a 3 foot high pen for them, that is about 24 feet by 24 feet, and I am in the process of constructing a coop for them. I will post pictures after I purchase my chickens and after I finish the coop. (I like brown egg laying chickens, preferably Buff Orpingtons…Pictured)

Quick weight loss update…Doing very well, sticking to the weight watchers program.

Quick debt reduction…Not a lot to say, and sending 65 bucks a day to one of 3 debt categories, and am on track to be totally debt free by 10-10-2005.

Check out the Verge of the Fringe podcast and blog. Funniest stuff EVER, and Lance has been so kind as to link my sight on his blog…THANKS, LANCE.