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New Weight Loss Strategy

Okay, so I am bored with the current weight loss plan I am on. So, I have decided on a brand new strategy. First, I will pick a diet plan (weight watchers, low-carb, south beach) etc. and use that plan for exactly 1 week. I have a list of at least 12 plans to go through, and I will use each plan once in the next 12 weeks. I will begin each plan on Sunday, and use it until Saturday. I will weight myself on Saturdays and Sundays, for my beginning and ending weights each week. Why am I doing this? Because, the reason I stop every diet is the fact that I get bored. Now, I know that certain diets are designed to work over a period of time, but this 12 week program is designed to find out which diet I like the best, and which one(s) I could stick to long term. Thanks, and check back soon for updates.
OH YEAH…This week’s diet? Weight Watchers, counting points.