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Take Back Control

Happy New Year! Here’s how I rid myself of consumer debt – and took back control of my financial future.  (No gimmicks necessary…) First, I sat down with my wife and had an honest conversation about our finances.  We talked about where we were, where we were headed, and where we wanted to be.  This conversation – and the many similar conversations that followed it – changed our lives.  I will ever be grateful for my awesome, amazing wife. Second, I created a plan to get out of debt.  My plan was simple, easy-to-execute, and realistic. Third, I found freedom through structure, by using a zero-based monthly budget.  Every dollar that enters our home is designated to either spending, giving,…

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Structure And Freedom

Over the years I have learned the true value of creating structure and following a routine.  My wife and I use the following structured systems to control spending, plan for saving, and manage our finances. Monthly Calendar – Each month we sit down and plan out that month’s events and scheduled activities.  We brainstorm and try to be thorough.  We list doctors visits, school functions, church events, etc.  Out goal is to know where we’ll be and when we’ll be there.  This helps us know two things, vital to all other systems – how we’ll spend our time and where we’ll spend our money. My wife is old school – and uses a simple spiral-bound day-planner.  I prefer the calendar…

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Resource Reminder – 7 Hours For Healthier Finances

Last year I wrote a series of articles entitled Dedicate 7 Hours for Healthier Finances.  Since that time, readership of No Credit Needed has increased – and I want to make sure that new readers (and folks who might have missed the series the first time around) are aware of it. The premise behind the series is pretty simple:  Let’s see if we can take 1 hour, each day, for one full week, and improve the health of our finances.  I’ve actually used the series as a guide for simplifying and organizing my finances, and I hope you’ll find it interesting. Click to view Hour 1 – Analyze Current Financial Situation Click to view Hour 2 – Organize Financial Documents…

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