Money Management

I Mailed A Payment To The Wrong Business Address

Have you ever – lost your wallet? – forgotten to mail a payment? – misplaced an important financial document? – overdrawn your checking account? – spent more than you could afford to spend? – maxed-out a credit card? – made any number of finance-related mistakes? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the questions above – welcome, you…

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Budget, Money Management

Creating A Financial Timeline

The goal of the financial timeline is to plan for future major purchases. I define a major purchase as any item costing more than $1000. My financial timeline focuses on purchases to be made in the next 5 years. I create a list of items that I plan to purchase.  I am careful to consider items that might need replacing,…

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Money Management, Motivation

Bossing Myself Around

Having read countless articles about personal finance and money management, I’ve come to the following conclusion.  The best thing that I can do to insure that I have a sound financial future is to be a better boss – of myself.  Allow me to explain. About four years ago, after spending almost 15 years working (with very little in savings…

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