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Call For Discounts

This tip is an oldie but a goodie – and it works for me:

From time to time, I call the companies with which I do business – and ask for discounts.

I just (literally, one minute ago) got off the phone with our television provider – and was able to reduce our monthly bill by nearly 30%.

All I did was call the company – and after trudging through their labyrinth of language-selection, account number-entry, and option-choice – I managed to speak to a customer service representative.

I then had the CSR explain to me, line-by-line, the details of my bill.  (I had a copy of the bill pulled up on my computer so that I could see what we were discussing.)

I then asked about the “end date” of my contract – and soon…

I was transferred to another department – and after going through my bill a second time – I was offered both a credit on my current bill, a selection of free channels, and an ongoing monthly discount.

I usually call every 6 months or so.  I am always polite and I always ask questions about various charges, discounts for e-delivery of statements, discounts for paying online, discounts for loyalty, and for free upgrades to equipment or services.

I’ll take the money saved and put it towards long-term saving and mortgage-debt reduction.  Be blessed.

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It Never Hurts To Call

I got dinged with a late-payment fee.

It happens.

Last month, it happened to me.  Twice.

I’m usually very thorough when it comes to paying our bills on time.  However, last month, something happened, and not one, but two bills went unpaid.  Once I realized that I had missed the payments, it was too late.  They were past-due and we had been charged late fees.

So, two days ago, I paid both bills, in full.  Then, today, once I checked that both payments had posted to the accounts, I called each company and asked to have the late-payment fees waived.

Both companies were super cool.  In less than 10 minutes, both companies had credited the fees back to my accounts.  That’s $50 in savings.  Not bad.

The moral of the story – We all make mistakes and it never hurts to call.  Both companies recognized that I was a long-time customer, acknowledged that I had a solid track record of paying my bills early, and were cool when handling the situation.

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Keeping A Close Eye On Those Medical Bills

I recently had to have a kidney stone removed.  The hospital estimated the cost of the procedure, and offered me a 20% discount – if I paid my portion on the day of the procedure.  I paid the estimated amount and had the procedure.

Today, I received the actual explanation of benefits from my insurance company.  I am happy to report that my portion of the cost of the procedure is several hundred dollars less than the amount I paid to the hospital.  When estimating my portion, the hospital included my full deductible, unaware that, due to several doctors’ visits prior to the procedure, I had already met most of my deductible.

I called the hospital and spoke to the billing department.  A refund for the overpayment has been issued.  I should receive it in a week or so.

It’s always a good idea to check – and then recheck – your medical bills.  Many insurance companies now allow you to view your account information online.  This makes it very easy to view recent activity and to check account balances.

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Laptop In Need Of Repair

This will be my last post from my laptop this week.  The hinge connecting the lid of the laptop to the base of the laptop is broken.  I contacted Lenovo’s customer support staff last week, and they sent a box, via FedEx, that I’ll use to ship my laptop to them for repair.  I purchased the laptop, a Lenovo y510, last June, and I really like it.  Hopefully, the repair will take just a few days, and I’ll have it back at some point next week.

For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting from my wife’s Acer Aspire One- an awesome little computer that I purchased for her last Christmas.  I really like the Aspire One, and while I wouldn’t want to depend on it for all of our computing needs, it should be just fine for a week or so.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with Lenovo’s customer service representative.  After looking up the customer support number on the Lenovo website, a task which took about one minute, I called the number, and a representative answered in less than twenty seconds.  Five minutes later, after assessing the problem and checking the warranty status of my computer, he asked for my email, my address, and promised to send the box to my home.  He even told me when the box would arrive at my house.  Sure enough, it arrived today, just as promised.  Man, it feels good to get good customer service.  Hopefully, the repair will go as smoothly as the phone call!

I’ve copied the contents of my computer’s hard drive, not once, but twice!  I have two external hard drives, and I simply copied and pasted the entire contents of the computer’s hard drive to both external drives.  I also removed all passwords from my browser, but not until first exporting a copy of them to an SD card.  Hopefully, they’ll just fix the hinge, but I wanted to be prepared, should all of my data be corrupted.

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