Save 15% Off H&R Block At Home Online


We all have to file them, so why not get an early start – and save a little money.

H&R Block is offering a 15% discount on their At Home Online Tax Software.

Click this link to Save 15% on H&R Block At Home Software.

The discount is good on their basic, deluxe, premium, and premium & business software.

When my wife and I were getting out of debt, we used our tax refund to reduce our total debt balance.  I like to file relatively early, especially if I know that I might be getting a bit of a refund.

In a perfect world, we would get neither a refund, nor would we owe any money, but with our irregular income, estimating withholding can be difficult.  So, we use software, run the calculations – and then we know for sure whether we are getting a refund, or if we are going to have to write a check.

Click the image below to Save 15% on H&R Block At Home Software

Save 15% on H&R Block At Home Premium



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