Use The Debt Reduction Mindset To Save For Future Purchases


Back when I was getting out of debt, I was the very definition of determined.  I worked hard, extremely hard, to stay on budget, earn extra money, and rapidly pay down my debts.

Once I paid off my debts, I remained determined, and worked hard to fully-fund my emergency fund.  I also worked hard to fund retirement and education savings accounts.  I was motivated, pumped about the progress I had made, and, like I said, determined.

After  couple of years of enjoying the debt-free life, things changed.  I lost a bit of my determination, and a bit of my focus.  I think that this is natural.  Once I reached my major goals, I took a breather, enjoyed some of the benefits of a little extra cash, and kinda relaxed.

Alas, it is now time to breakout ye olde debt reduction mindset and really focus on saving for future purchases.  Why?  Well, at some point, I’m going to need to buy not one, but two, newer automobiles.  We’re also going to need need some newer furniture for the house, and we have lots of plans for the landscaping of the yard.  In other words, there are some pretty big-time purchases that we need to make, in the not-so-distant future, and I need to prepare for them now.

The last thing I want to do is work as hard as I have worked to get out of debt – only to slip up and go right back into it.  I don’t want to simply be debt free – I want to remain debt free, forever.

Side note – Those who are familiar with this site might be asking – “NCN, haven’t you been working hard to remain debt free, already?”  The answer, frankly, is “yes and no”.  On the one hand, I have been saving some money for future purchases, and I’ve continued to live on a budget.  On the other hand, I’ve gotten a little sloppy, not really displaying, in my opinion, the proper degree of intensity.  That, my friends, changes – today.  Rock on.