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Use The Debt Reduction Mindset To Save For Future Purchases

Determined. Back when I was getting out of debt, I was the very definition of determined.  I worked hard, extremely hard, to stay on budget, earn extra money, and rapidly pay down my debts. Once I paid off my debts, … Continue reading

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I Mailed A Payment To The Wrong Business Address

Have you ever – lost your wallet? – forgotten to mail a payment? – misplaced an important financial document? – overdrawn your checking account? – spent more than you could afford to spend? – maxed-out a credit card? – made … Continue reading

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Amended Our Tax Return

I did something today that I’ve never done before – I filed an amended tax return.  Back in March, I filed my taxes but didn’t claim the first-time homebuyer credit.  Armed with the proper paperwork, forms, and software, it took, … Continue reading

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Hidden Costs Of Home Improvements

This past Saturday, I had my kids playhouse moved from our old house to our new one.  The playhouse paint didn’t match our new house, so I spent some time today painting it.  I also repaired a few shingles that … Continue reading

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