The Best Thing About My Old Truck

I have this old truck – a 1994 Ford.  (It’s not THAT old, but at 15 years, it has its share of scrapes and dings.)  I use it, mainly, to haul off the trash, but it’s also good for towing a trailer or bringing home supplies from the lumber yard. I bought the truck, used, almost 10 years ago.  I really like my old truck.  It’s not much to look at, but it’s fun to drive and it gets me where I need to go. Recently, I had a couple of truck-related.  It needed some pretty major engine work, several other parts (like the brakes and belts) needed to be replaced, and it needed new tires.  I thought, very briefly,…

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Money Management, Motivation

Bossing Myself Around

Having read countless articles about personal finance and money management, I’ve come to the following conclusion.  The best thing that I can do to insure that I have a sound financial future is to be a better boss – of myself.  Allow me to explain. About four years ago, after spending almost 15 years working (with very little in savings to show for it, and several thousand dollars in credit card and automobile debt), I had a (what is now quite obvious) revelation:  It’s not just important that I have a job, pay bills, and take care of pressing financial needs, but it’s also vitally important that I take the time to actually manage my finances so that I can…

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Getting Ready For 2010

As preparation for 2010, I’ve spent some time updating automated contributions to various retirement, education, and cash savings accounts.  Here’s the breakdown – My Retirement Accounts – 403(b) – Monthly amount = $1375 A percentage of pre-tax income is deducted from each monthly paycheck. Roth IRA – Monthly amount = $312.50 My goal is to make the maximum allowable contribution for 2010.  For my situation, that’s $5000. My Wife’s Retirement Accounts – Roth IRA – Monthly amount = $312.50 My wifes’ goal is to make the maximum allowable contribution for 2010.  For her situation, that’s $5000.  She also makes pre-tax contributions to her pension plan. Education Savings Accounts – ESA 1 – Monthly amount = $125 The annual contribution limit…

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