Today’s Links To Love: Twitter Tips, Free Sauce, And James Earl Jones

Today’s Links To Love -

Chief Family Officer tells us how to get free spaghetti sauce from Walgreen’s.

Christian Personal Finances is giving away a copy of the James Earl Jones Audio Bible.  Yes, my friends, you can win a free copy of Darth Vader reading the Scriptures.  Total Awesomeness.

Five Cent Nickel has twenty Twitter tips for how to better manage your personal finances, including one tip from me.  These were all collected via our new favorite communication tool, Twitter.  (Click here to follow me!)

Money Musings has an interesting report – 50% of Americans have less than one month’s worth of expenses in savings.

The Digerati Life (how awesome is that blog name?!?) has an informative article about Dave Ramsey’s Budgeting Method.  Dave rocks!

Paycheck Chronicles has some very important information for military members about taxes and filing for a filing extension.


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