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Did You Ever Feel Like Your Timing Was Off?

I love Trisha’s article over at Blogging Away DebtSometimes I Feel Like Our Timing Is Off.

Trisha and her family have made some remarkable process over the past few years, and they are now down to less than $2500 in credit card debt.  I have always enjoyed Blogging Away Debt, and consider it a daily must-read.  (I still say that Blogging Away Debt is, quite possibly, the coolest name for a personal finance blog, and one that I should have considered, long before going with the awkward No Credit Needed.  Plus, my initials would be B.A.D. instead of N.C.N. Oh, hindsight…)

In her article, Trisha talks about timing, and how she feels that hers is a little off – when it comes to hair styles as well as personal finances.  I just wanted to say, I think we all know how Tricia feels.  It’s always difficult to know just the right time to buy a new home or invest in the stock market.  That’s one of the things that makes this whole personal finance management thing so difficult – that – not-knowing-if-I’m-doing-exactly-the-right-thing-at-the-right-time-feeling.  The reality is, none of us have mastered this timing thing, but, I for one, think that Trisha (a.k.a. B.A.D.) is doing an awesome job.