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Network To Host Carnival And I’m Going On Vacation!

The No Credit Needed Network will host next week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction. Head over to the No Credit Needed Network for more information. My family and I will be going on vacation, starting Friday. We are headed down to Saint Augustine Beach, Florida. We are staying in a condo that our friends own. My kids are excited about going to the beach and swimming in the pool. Me? I’m ready to relax, read, and chill out. As I’ve mentioned before, my kids don’t really enjoy “theme parks” or “water parks”, so our vacations are always pretty “chill”. Rest and relaxation. I’ll be blogging while on vacation. For me, blogging isn’t really “work”. I enjoy blogging, writing about my day-to-day…

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The “Once A Month, Check It” Technique For Avoiding Expensive Repairs And Saving Money

Edit: I’ve received several emails and comments with suggestions for more “Once A Month, Check It” items. I’ll add those suggestions to the bottom of this post. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. If you write a similar post, contact me and let me know! We live in a “ranch style” house. The air condition intake is located in the hallway. Once a month, I check the air filter and replace it. I’ve been using those use-once, throwaway air filters. I buy 12 of them in January. At the end of each month, I throw away the old filter and replace it with a new filter. For some reason, doing this…

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2007 Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Florida June 1 – 12

Hurricane Season (June 1st – November 30th) starts Thursday. If you live in Florida, take advantage of the 2007 Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. From June 1 – 12, the following items (and more) will be available for purchase, sales tax-free: Reusable Ice Self-Powered Light Source Battery-Powered Flashlights Battery-Powered Lanterns Gas-Powered Lanterns Torches Candles Gas / Fuel Containers Batteries (Including Rechargeable) Cell Phone Chargers / Cell Phone Batteries Tarps / Plastic Sheeting Ground Anchors / Tie-Downs Portable Generators Radios / Weather Band Radios Carbon Monoxide Detectors Storm Shutter Devices For a complete list and more information, view this PDF file. For more information, visit I never realized that Hurricane Season lasted SIX months.  Wow.  If you live in Florida,…

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