Super Bowl Commercials Review Second-Half

I’ll shorten my reviews, and only make comments if a commercial happens to catch my attention. So far, the commercials from the first-half have been all-but-forgettable.

Etrade: A pretend bank robbery? In this age of terrorism? Classless D-

Coca Cola: Graphics-laden commercial. C

Bud Light: Gorillas want beer? Yay… Again, do only idiots drink bear? D

Revlon: Sheryl Crow uses Revlon. Actually a pretty decent commercial. B-

CareerBuilder.Com: Better than the first one. The office is a “jungle”. We get it. C-

Taco Bell: Two Lions talking about Tacos. Pretty funny. B-

Van Heusen: A bunch of good looking guys and gals, and some clothing. Wow, original. C

Toyota Tundra: Another “breaks” commercial. I’m actually starting to like these commercials. B-

Emerald Nuts: Robert Goulet and a way to fight off the afternoon “drowsiness”? Great commercial. I might actually want to check into these Emerald Nuts. Funny and unique! B

T-Mobile: Charles Barkley as Dwayne Wade’s “Dad”! Pretty good. Smart. B-

FedEx: Mr. “Turkey-Neck”! Brilliant! FedEx gives you the impression that “ground” shipping is still fast. Good job. B-

Nationwide: Finally! A funny, hip, good commercial. And it stars… Kevin FEDERLINE! WHAT! I may be going insane, but THAT will be the commercial that people are talking about tomorrow. A-

Bud Light: Guy with axe and Bud Light. Again. Idiots drink Bud Light. I miss those frogs. C-

Ford Truck: Farm Equipment and a Welder. Plus ZERO percent financing. I can’t wait… (sarcasm…) A COMPLETELY unremarkable commercial. C

Huddle House: The HUDDLE HOUSE just ran a SUPER BOWL commercial. I’ll give them a B, but I think that this was just local.

Budweiser: Sand Crabs move a cooler, which they then worship. Unique? I guess. C

Prudential: Plan for a “rock-solid” future. Okay. Nothing special. C

Honda CR-V: A car and some loud music. Someone got paid to create this junk. C-

(At this point, I’ve given up all hope that I’m actually going to see a “Super Bowl-Worthy” commercial. Sigh…)

HP: I’m supposed to take computer advice from the O.C. Chopper guys? C

Izod: Pretty people, pretty clothes. C-

Budweiser Select: JayZ and Don Shula. Cool graphics. This was the best of the “beer” commercials so far. B-

(There are 9 minutes to go in the game. The Bears need to pull Grossman.)

Flomax: At least they actually tell you what the product does. I’m not big on pharmaceutical commercials, but this one gets the point across. A solid B

Etrade: Things you can do with one-finger. Okay, kinda funny, a little vulgar. B- The funniest of these unfunny commercials. C

Honda: Is it me, or is it “ironic” that the most fuel efficient car company created a commercial where they drive a bunch of cars to.. nowhere… thus unnecessarily using up fuel? Just thought I’d take a second and point that out. C

Snapple: “It’s on the back of the bottle”. Pretty funny. Solid B

—The Game Is Over—

A boring game, with boring commercials. The Sprint commercial was pretty funny, as was the Emerald Nuts commercial. I’ll forget both by next Sunday. I’m going to bed.


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3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Commercials Review Second-Half
  1. Erik

    Maybe you should stick to the world of personal finance. I really enjoy your blog, but your take on the commercials seems a little left field. You have every right to critique the spots as you see them, it just seems out of place in this forum.