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My “Not-Resolutions” For 2007

I resolve NOT:

To worry about my creditors… (I’m debt free)

To worry about losing my job… (I have an emergency fund)

To try and buy my happiness… (I have a great family, a great wife, and two great kids)

To spend more than I make… (I have a budget)

To judge others based on their appearance… (Most rich people live frugally, drive used cars, and have modest homes)

If you are making resolutions for the new year, please consider debt-reduction, saving money, and planning for your financial future. Then, in 2008, you will have some “Not-Resolutions” of your own.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About NCN

I’ve been “tagged” by My Open Wallet. Thanks MOW!

1. I cannot write in cursive. (I left my regular class for “Gifted” during the time when my fellow classmates were learning to write cursive. So, I learned about presidents, planets, and chemisty. But, I can’t hand write a pretty note.)

2. I’ve never been further west than Alabama. Seriously.

3. I play golf. My lowest score for 18? 74

4. My favorite food? Kosher dill pickles dipped in ketchup and mustard.

5. My wife and my sister have the same first name. (No southern-jokes allowed! They are two different people!) For 2 years, before my sister got married, they had the same first AND last names.

6. (Bonus) I hate cheese.

That’s it. That’s the list.

Now, I’m supposed to tag someone. So, I tag…. EVERY member of the No Credit Needed Network!!! If you are a member, consider yourself tagged!!!

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Non PF Project: I’m Building A Shed (Storage Building)

My dad has a construction business. (He’s a one-man building machine. He can do EVERYTHING, from framing a house to building fine cabinetry.) Me? I can hang a picture frame… maybe. But, ever the glutton for punishment, I have decided to build a shed, by myself, in our backyard. Why? 4 reasons:

I need a place to keep my lawn mower, air compressor, etc.
I need a place to store old toys, junk, etc.
Half of the shed will function as a play-house for my kids.
I need want to see if I can actually do it.

I called my dad and he gave me the brief walk-through. (If you are a teenager and you happen across my blog, PAY ATTENTION if you dad, mom or grandparents know how to build things with their hands. TRUST me! You will need to know how to do certain things. I wish that I had paid attention when I was a kid.) I’m still deciding on the exact size of the shed. I’ll post pictures of my progress. Building begins Thursday (or sooner if I get a chance to go buy Lowe’s sooner).

Pseudo-Psychological side-note: If I’ve learned anything in the last 2 years of getting out of debt and saving money, I’ve learned that there is something strangely empowering about doing something that you’ve never been able to do before. 2 years ago, I’d never tried to get out of debt. Now, I’m debt-free. 2 years ago, I had no savings. Now, I could go without working for a year and be just fine. I’m now going to find out if I can build a shed. I’m excited.

Of course, 2 years ago I was fat. Now? I’m still fat.


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