5 Things You Didn’t Know About NCN

I’ve been “tagged” by My Open Wallet. Thanks MOW!

1. I cannot write in cursive. (I left my regular class for “Gifted” during the time when my fellow classmates were learning to write cursive. So, I learned about presidents, planets, and chemisty. But, I can’t hand write a pretty note.)

2. I’ve never been further west than Alabama. Seriously.

3. I play golf. My lowest score for 18? 74

4. My favorite food? Kosher dill pickles dipped in ketchup and mustard.

5. My wife and my sister have the same first name. (No southern-jokes allowed! They are two different people!) For 2 years, before my sister got married, they had the same first AND last names.

6. (Bonus) I hate cheese.

That’s it. That’s the list.

Now, I’m supposed to tag someone. So, I tag…. EVERY member of the No Credit Needed Network!!! If you are a member, consider yourself tagged!!!