Back From Turkey Day

My family and I just returned from a brief Thanksgiving vacation. I am typing this blog post on my NEW Toshiba Laptop. I got a GREAT deal, so I decided to treat myself to a pre-Christmas gift. One of my favorite deal sites is Deal News.Com. The other day, as I was searching through for a good deal on a laptop computer, I found a good deal on a 14.1″ Toshiba Laptop with an 80 GB hard drive for less than $400. I’ve REALLY been wanting a laptop, so I bit the bullet, and ordered it. I’m glad that I did. I’ve set up a wi-fi network for my home, and I am outside, watching the kids play, typing away…

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Personal Finance Bloggers Charity Spotlight

I’d like to encourage each of my fellow personal finance bloggers to create a post about their favorite charity.  Let’s see if we can create a list of good, quality charities, and maybe raise a little money for worthy causes. I’ll be back later with more information. –NCN

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Debt Story

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live: The Ticket Arrives!!!

I’m going to the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live Event this Saturday in Atlanta, GA. If you’ve ever wondered (like I have) what a Dave Ramsey T.M.M.L. ticket looks like, your days of wondering are now over. Check it out: The ticket is for the VIP section of the event. I suppose that I have wear the little gold sticker. I will feel privileged. I think I will head to Atlanta Saturday morning, eat an early lunch, and then head over to the church where the event is being held. I’ll probably find a decent hotel, spend the night, and find a church to attend Sunday morning, and then head home. I’ll post pictures of the event.

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