10 Free Forms Of Entertainment

Are you trying to save money and / or get out of debt? Me too! So, I’m always looking for FREE entertainment. Here are my 10 favorite Free Forms of Entertainment: 1. Library Books. Duh! (Libraries also provide free Internet access and free videos!) Just be sure to return your books ON TIME. 2. Podcasts! I love podcasts. What’s a podcast? (In fact, I have my own, humble little podcast… You can check it out by clicking here: No Credit Needed Podcast… Shameless plug!) 3. Kid’s baseball / football / soccer games. If you have kids in your church, if you have kids in your family, or if you have kids in your neighborhood, go and check-out their athletic events.…

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Latest Podcast Up And Ready

If you like to listen to my podcast, the latest episode is up and ready for your enjoyment: Simply click here and follow the directions. (You do not need an Ipod to listen to podcasts. You can simply “stream” the audio, straight to your computer. Any questions? Send me an email and I’ll be glad to help.)

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eBay Discount, Deal Sites, Saving Money

I had a couple of random things I wanted to talk about, so here they are in one little post: If you list on eBay, you might want to take advantage of this deal: For today and tomorrow, you can add a subtitle to your listing for only 1 penny. Click here for more information. If you like to get good deals (and who doesn’t), perhaps you’d like a comprehensive list of deal sites? Well, check this out: Dealz Connection lists all of the major (and minor) deal sites. I use this resource weekly, and I think that you might like it.

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