10 Free Forms Of Entertainment

Are you trying to save money and / or get out of debt? Me too! So, I’m always looking for FREE entertainment. Here are my 10 favorite Free Forms of Entertainment:

1. Library Books. Duh! (Libraries also provide free Internet access and free videos!) Just be sure to return your books ON TIME.

2. Podcasts! I love podcasts. What’s a podcast? (In fact, I have my own, humble little podcast… You can check it out by clicking here: No Credit Needed Podcast… Shameless plug!)

3. Kid’s baseball / football / soccer games. If you have kids in your church, if you have kids in your family, or if you have kids in your neighborhood, go and check-out their athletic events. Most kid’s athletic events are free! Check out your local recreation department for more information.

4. Free magazines! I always check the Free Stuff Forum over at for free magazines. I have subscriptions to ESPN the Magazine, Sporting News, US News, etc., all from

5. Old video tapes. Both of my kids (ages 6 and 2) LOVE to sit and watch their baby videos. Free, solid, “family” (literally!) entertainment.

6. Church musicals / cantatas / plays / concerts / “sings” / etc. In our small southern town, I could probably find a church-sing to go to every single weekend, if I wanted.

7. Star gazing and moon watching. If you have a small child, say a 6 year old daughter, grab an old blanket, set up a “pallet” outside at night, and spend sometime looking at the heavens. You’ll have the time of your life!

8. Cook something with someone you love! Seriously, go through all of the stuff you have in your kitchen, put together a meal, and cook a meal.

9. Get together for a neighborhood game of “touch” football, basketball, or baseball. Better yet, gather all of the neighborhood kids together, and teach them a game from your childhood, like freeze-tag, spot-light, 1 2 3 red-light, or red-rover. You will be king of the neighborhood, you’ll get some exercise, and you’ll be the coolest dad (or mom) EVER!!!

10. Chill. Seriously, when was the LAST TIME you let yourself just sit down, close your eyes, and relax?

Do you have some Free Forms of Entertainment? Leave you comments and let me know…