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This Is Going To My Head…

I want to welcome each of you who came here from the Money Blogger Podcast! I had a great time doing the interview, and I am envious of the Podcast’s great sound. Thanks Scott, I had an awesome time doing … Continue reading

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Focus (Laser Vs. Flashlight)

I took the time to figure out the EXACT amount I will have to save each month, for 8 months, to reach my 20000 dollar goal. I will need to deposit $2434.39 on the first day of each month. I … Continue reading

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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

My recent purchase of CLX (Clorox) seems to be doing alright. This article seems to offer up some pretty good news. The stock has hovered around 61 bucks for the last few days, up a dollar and some change from … Continue reading

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Balance This

Do you balance your check-book? I think that there are different types of check-book users. The breakdown goes like ths: The Down-To-The-Raw-Copper Find-Every-Penny Guy: This guy balances his check book, every month, with every statement, down to the last penny. … Continue reading

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