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Simple Ways To Save Money While On Vacation

My family and I just recently returned from a week at the beach.  We had an awesome time – and we even figured out some simple ways to save money while on vacation. Check online for attraction discounts, coupons, and codes.  Our three kids like putt-putt and the water-park.  A simple online search, and I found coupons for both attractions.  We saved 50% on the putt-putt – and 60% at the water-park! Side note – By visiting the water-park’s website, we were able to better plan our visit.  We avoided a particularly busy day at the park – and the kids were able to ride the slides without waiting in super-long lines. Take beach toys with you – or improvise! …

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Silver Coins – List Of U.S. Coins Containing Silver

Silver coins are easier to find than you might think.  My son and I recently began collecting coins – and we are finding silver coins. The cool thing is – we are finding these (partially) silver coins while sorting through rolls of commonly used U.S. coins. We have learned that sorting through rolls of coins is often referred to as coin roll hunting.  Pretty cool. Once or twice a week, we’ll go to the bank and get a few rolls of coins – some dimes, nickels, and quarters.  If the bank has them, we’ll also get some half-dollars.  We’ll come home and hunt through the rolls for any interesting – or valuable – coins. By the way – this is…

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Grace And The Wild Blackberries

They grow in the field behind our house. Wild. Free. Blackberries! My son and I just picked a small, bucket-full of fresh, wild blackberries. A harvest of delicious and nutritious bites of awesome. Picking blackberries is pretty simple. Watch out for the thorns. Be careful not to squish each berry. Eat slightly fewer berries than you place in your bucket. Check for snakes! Grace. We didn’t plant the blackberries. We didn’t water them. We didn’t fertilize them. We didn’t provide for them. We simply enjoy them. That’s grace. It’s free – and amazing. Grace. The ancient Israelites were told not to harvest the corners of their fields – so as to provide food for weary travelers. As we were picking…

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