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An eBaying We Shall Go, An eBaying We Shall Go

It has been a few months since I listed anything on eBay.  While getting out of debt, I made over $1000 selling baby clothes and books on eBay.  Now that my kids are older, I really don’t have any baby clothes to sell, and I’ve already sold most of my books!  So, I will be selling some of my daughter’s…

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No Credit Cards Needed

Here’s my system for getting through life without using credit cards. Cash –I always have $200 cash on me.  I carry my cash in a money-clip. Debit Card –I always have a Debit Card on me.  I carry my Debit Card in my money-clip.  I wrap my cash around my Debit Card. Checkbook –I have a checkbook which I keep…

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How I Control Cash Spending

Edit:  For those of you interested in purchasing the envelope system mentioned below, I have created a link to it at the top left-hand side of this page.  It is listed as Executive Envelope System. If you are going to live without credit cards, you have to learn how to stay on a budget, balance your checkbook, wisely use your…

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