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Getting Ready For A Yard Sale

We a planning to participate in a multi-family yard sale the first Saturday in August.  I’m pumped.  We should be able to make a few bucks, get rid of some clutter, and better organize our home.

We have secured a location for the yard sale and obtained all of the necessary permits.  We plan to spend the Friday evening before the yard sale, pricing specific items and getting ready for the sale.  Also, we’ll have change on hand and a secure place to store any money we will receive.  After the sale is over, we’ll donate any of the remaining items to a local charity.

Beginning last week, I divided our house into manageable sections – and began to sort through each section, room-by-room and closet-by-closet, separating items for disposal, continued storage, or resale.

On day one, I started with our kitchen.  I removed and sorted all items in our drawers, then our cabinets, and then finished up with our pantry.  While sorting, I also took the time to clean the inside of each drawer, as well as the cabinet walls and shelves.  I also took a few minutes and organized the kitchen.  We are a pretty organized family, but I did find several items for the yard sale.

On day two, I began working on our carport.  We have a two-car carport.  It is amazing how much clutter can creep into a carport.  I found several items for resale – and some old summer-fun stuff, like bubbles and slip-n-slides, which needed to be discarded.  I then thoroughly swept and organized the carport.

On day three, my entire family went to work on our bedrooms and closets.  I have three kids – which means lots of clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, etc.  The majority of items from our yard sale came from the kids’ closets.  My wife and I also went through all of our keep-sake items – which meant plenty of moments oohing over long-ago baby pics and papers from kindergarten.

On day four, I attacked my shed.  I keep the shed pretty organized, but I had to be honest and critical with myself, and I managed to find several duplicate tools, perfect for resale, and unneeded by me.

We are now in the final stages of getting ready for the yard sale.  I have all of our resale items in the playhouse – ready to load onto our trailer next week.  By breaking down the process into manageable steps, we managed to go through every single item that we own.  Our house is now much more organized, we plan to make a little money, and we have less clutter!  Win, win, win!

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