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DIY Digest – Some Of My Favorite DIY Youtube Channels

Welcome to the DIY Digest – featuring DIY tips, techniques and resources.

I love DIY projects – and these 6 DIY Youtube Channels inspire me to tackle projects around the house and in the shop. I have included a link to each channel page – and an example video from each channel. Check them out –


The Jay Bates’ channel features both furniture builds and shop projects.  Here’s a recent video where he built an elegant cabinet. Jay’s Twitter and Jay’s Website.


The SSL Family Dad Channel filled with DIY projects – with great ideas for backyard gardeners and beginning homesteaders. Here’s a cool project where SSL uses inexpensive plywood to create an awesome looking floor. SSL Family Dad’s Twitter and SSL Family Dad’s Website.


The April Wilkerson’s Channel has awesome content – focusing on shop builds and builds for the home. Check out this video where April builds a french cleat system for her power tools. April’s Facebook and April’s Website.


Jon Peter’s has a very interesting channel. He mixes art, woodworking, and great camera work – and produces amazing content. Check out this recent limited-tools build. Jon’s Facebook and Jon’s Website.


The Midwest Man Mountain Channel not only features the coolest name on Youtube – it also has some of the best DIY content. Check out this post about building drawer dividers for your kitchen. MMM’s Twitter and MMM’s Website.


The Blazing Nail Gun – Redneck DIY Channel has high quality videos filled with great details.  I really like this mantle/floating shelf idea. Redneck DIY’s Twitter and Redneck DIY’s Website.

These channels – and so many more from the maker community – inspire me to get out in the shop and try new projects.  I hope you enjoy the videos – and subscribe to No Credit Needed via daily email or rss – and follow me via Twitter and Facebook – for more content.  Blessings.