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New Ways To Connect With No Credit Needed

When I started No Credit Needed, there were very few ways to share newly published content with the world.  I would publish a new article – and then wait for traffic to come from a search engine or another site, usually via a simple text link.  Thankfully, there are now many more ways to share content – and connect with readers.

I have been using both Twitter and StumbleUpon for several years, both to post and find content.  I will continue to use these social media platforms –

Twitter -  Please follow me via  I tweet daily – with personal links to my own content and to that of other personal finance writers.

StumbleUpon – Click to view my StumbleUpon profile.  If you find an article here at No Credit Needed that you like, and you are a StumbleUpon user, please use the buttons at the end of each post to stumble and share with your followers.

I have just begun to connect with and use these social media platforms –

Facebook – This one is brand new.  Check out the facebook page for No Credit Needed.  Please like the page and share it’s content with your friends.

Flipboard – Check out the new  flipboard profile for No Credit Needed – and a personal finance flipboard magazine called the No Credit Needed News.  I’m loving flipboard – and I’m having a blast learning how to use it and all of its features.

Pintrest – Follow my pins over at Pintrest.  I am a big DIY fan – so I’ll be pinning content from around the web dealing with personal finance, simple living, woodworking, landscaping, and more.

social-349568_1280I will continue to use the following to promote the site’s content via subscription –

RSS – For old school newsreader fans – please subscribe to the No Credit Needed rss feed.

Email – If you are a currently subscribe to No Credit Needed via email – change is on the way.  I’m switching over to a new email newsletter provider.  I’ll write a post about the new service in the next few weeks, but I wanted to give you a heads up.  You’ll need to switch over to the new service, but the process should be painless.  The new email newsletter service will provide more flexibility for me when I’m organizing and emailing content.

I want to thank you for visiting my site.  Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from both my readers and my fellow writers.

The blogging landscape has shifted – several times – since 2005, but I still love writing about personal finance, debt reduction, and saving money.

Thank you for reading No Credit Needed – and I hope you have a blessed and awesome day.  Rock on!


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