History Podcasts – My Favorites

It’s been a while since I listed my favorite history podcasts.  There are a number of high quality, entertaining, free podcasts available and these are my favorites:

History Podcasts –

Revolutions – Mike’s awesome podcast, covering the revolutions which shaped the modern world.

The History of Byzantium – This podcast tracks the history of the Eastern Roman Empire.  This is a subject about which I learned very little in school – and I am fascinated by this podcast.  Good stuff.a

Myths and History of Greece and Rome – This podcast takes an in depth look at the Greek and Roman Empires – from their foundations.  I listen for the information – and the awesome accent!

history podcasts

The Podcast History of Our World – Rob’s podcast is – well – it’s the podcast history of the world!  Great stuff.

Norman Centuries – This podcast focuses on the impact of the Normans, in England, France, and beyond.

History of World War II – This is an interesting look at the most destructive war in human history.  Powerful.

Hardcore History – Dan presents information about a wide-range of topics, in a very interesting – and often dramatic -way.

History According To Bob – Wow.  Bob is a prolific podcaster – covering almost every imaginable topic.  I have been listening to this podcast for years.  Great stuff.

These are my favorite history podcasts.

If you have a favorite podcast – history or otherwise – share it with me over @NCN or here in the comments.

Click here if you need more information about podcasts and how to listen to them.  Be blessed.