Getting Ready For 2014

It’s almost Christmas!  I cannot believe (he says, in old-man voice) just how quickly this year has flown by.  It’s almost 2014.  Wow.

This year has been an interesting year for our family.  We continue to move forward with our financial plan – paying off mortgage and saving for the future – and we are excited for the next year.

My wife and I have created a list of financial goals for 2014.  I’ll share details in a future post, but they include: (continuing) to eliminate mortgage debt, increasing side-income (is that a word?), and saving for the purchase of a car (for our oldest, who is now 14!).

I want to thank you for continuing to read No Credit Needed.  Posting has been sporadic, as we all adjust to my new work schedule and our busier-than-ever-yet-very-blessed lives.  Thanks for hanging in there.  You guys rock!