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Printable Grocery Price Book

We use a grocery price book to monitor the fluctuating prices of groceries at our local supermarkets.  When specific items go down in price, we purchase those items in quantity.  The grocery price book helps us know when to purchase – and when to wait.

I have created a printable grocery price book for my readers.  It’s the same, simple-to-use price book that we have been using for years to save money on groceries.

Click to download and print the free printable grocery price book.

The grocery price book is very simple-to-use.

When printed out, the price book is designed to fold in half – to create a “book”.

Print a copy on both sides of a sheet of paper and you will then have four “pages” of the “book”.  Punch holes in the middle and you can put the pages in a notebook to take with you to the grocery store.  That’s what I do.

You could also simply use the spreadsheet as a spreadsheet and track prices on your laptop or tablet.

Here’s what a page from the grocery price book looks like –

Printable Grocery Price Book example page

We tracked the price of canned corn for several weeks.  When the price dipped, we purchased our desired quantity.

Using the price book for several years, I have noticed that prices have certainly gone up over time, but items still tend to go on sale in patterns.  We use coupons and the grocery price book to save a considerable amount of money on groceries.

The grocery price book is designed to work across several stores – and can be modified for your shopping habits.  For instance, you may want to track not only a type of product, like canned corn, but specific brands of canned corn.  That’s cool.  Simply create a “page” for each brand you want to track.  Personally, we usually buy the same brands over and over, so we usually just track the ones we use.

Remember, when using a grocery price book, it’s important to check the prices of items each time you go shopping, even if you are not planning to buy those items that day.  This goes against “shopping with a grocery list only” – but the point of the grocery price book is to track prices.

One thing that has changed since we began using a grocery price book years ago – most supermarkets post their sales circulars online.  We simply go online, check the sales circulars, and update our price book.

Once again, feel free to download and print out the free printable grocery price book.

Leave comments with any questions or suggestions regarding the use of a grocery price book to save money on groceries.

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