More Than Just The Numbers

Sometimes, money management is about the numbers, the percentages, and the rates.  Often, however, it is about attitudes, choices, and behaviors.  When it comes to staying motivated, and moving forward, here’s what works for me:

I consult the Scriptures and pray about our finances.  As a Christian, every area of my life is important to Jesus, including my family’s  finances.  It’s always comforting to know that I have spoken to Him about our financial plans and goals – and even more comforting when He, through His word, speaks to me.

I routinely talk to my spouse about our short-term and long-term financial goals.  It’s extremely important to me that my wife and I are on the “same page” when it comes to managing our money.

I work very hard to stay organized, with an uncluttered workspace and time set aside for paying bills and cataloging financial documents.

I listen to a few, trusted friends, and their financial advice.  I am blessed to have met, over the years, online and in person, some incredibly bright and capable people.  Instead of relying on my own, limited experiences, I turn to them often for input and advice.

I act only when I understand both the risks and rewards associated with any particular financial decision.  Instead of blindly following conventional wisdom, I try to find a path that fits me, one that matches my own emotional makeup.

I look for opportunities, big and small, to save or make money.  This sounds simple, but many appear to settle for their current spending and / or earning patterns.

I remind myself that what I already own will probably “do” – and that I probably don’t need the newest, the latest, or the greatest.  This is hard to do, especially when I want something super-cool like an iPad.

The above principles (for lack of a better word) have served me very well.  I think I’ve figured out how my mind works and what keeps me motivated and honest with myself.

What about you?  Have you considered what makes you ticks?  What works for you?  What keeps you motivated?  Leave a comment or hit me up over at Twitter.  Rock on.