Twitter Finds And Friends

I am a big fan of Twitter.  It’s amazing how quickly information can flow, from tweet to tweet, and person to person.

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Today’s Twitter Finds And Friends –

Finds –

Do you like bean bag chairs?  Do you like personal finance forums?  Then, you’ll love Moolanomy’s current giveaway.  Register for the new Moolanomy Answers and you could win a Sumo Bean Bag Chair.  (Tweeted by @moolanomy)

We recently spent an entire week removing clutter from our home and organizing our stuff.  I’m totally digging Being Frugal’s post – Why The Minimalist Lifestyle Appeals To Me.  (Tweeted by @Zen_Habits)

Friends –

I am a big fan of @flexo from Consumerism Commentary.

I really enjoy @SunFinancial from The Sun’s Financial Diary.

I learn a lot from @mymoneyblog from My Money Blog.