The Podcast Is Back! Check Out The New Episode

I have recorded and released a NEW episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast!

Click here to go directly to the latest episode – No Credit Needed Podcast Episode 10 of 2008

You didn’t know that I had a podcast?  Well, it’s been a few months – almost 5 – since I recorded a new episode.  But, today, while riding to town, I grabbed the mic and recorded an episode.  You can hear some traffic noises in the background, but, mostly, it’s just me rambling about life and finances.

By the way, you do NOT need an iPod (or even an mp3-player) to listen to the podcast.  A podcast is simply an online “radio” program, that you can “stream” from the site or download for later listening.  Just head over the the NCN Podcast page, and you’ll see a built in player.  Click play, and listen to my southern drawl.