Midnight Meanderings: Swimming And Social Networking

From my other sites –

Over at No. Calories Needed I’m becoming a swimmer – kinda.

Over at 99 Changes I’m updating my social networking profiles.

Over at the NCN Network I’ve updated my savings chart.

From The Money Blog Network –

Over at Wise Bread one of my favorite bloggers, SVB from The Digerati Life is answering questions in the Wise Bread forums.

Mighty Bargain hunter has interesting thoughts about patriotism and retirement.

Get Rich Slowly has suggestions for how to save mad money when landscaping your landscape.

Free Money Finance has some tips for saving money when buying groceries.

Five Cent Nickel answers the question – What happens to your CD if your bank fails?

Consumerism Commentary has a super simple suggestion for how to invest for the long run.

All Financial Matters does the math and figures out how to pay cash for a house in 12 years.

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