This Week's Carnivals

The Only Carnivals That I Really Like

I’m not a big fan of carnivals.  I just get kinda weirded out by all of the noises and the smells and high prices.  I can’t remember ever coming home from a carnival and thinking, “Man, I had a great time!”.  No, usually I’m thinking, “How did I get talked into going there in the first place?”.

But, there is a type of carnival that I really dig – a blog carnival.  And, this week, I submitted articles to two of my favorite blog carnivals – the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the Carnival of Personal Finance.  I’m pleased to report, both articles were named editor’s choice by their respective carnival hosts.  Rock on!

Click on over to Mighty Bargain Hunter to view this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction, featuring several articles about debt reduction, including mine, Five Free And Inexpensive Ways To Reduce Your Debt.

Then, head over to Squakfox to view this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, where you’ll find links to dozens of personal finance articles, including mine, Yet Another Motivation For Keeping My Financial House In Order.  I also really liked this article from My Two Dollars – Following The Rule Of 10%.

By the way, if you are new to blogging, you might be unfamiliar with the term blog carnival.  Basically, here’s how a blog carnival works –

1. Bloggers submit articles about a specific topic.

2. A host blog compiles those articles and presents them in list-form, linking back to the original articles.

3. The host blog changes from week to week, thus the use of the term carnival.