Midnight Meanderings: Memorizing Scripture And Forgetting Yesterday

From my other sites –

Over at 99 Changes, I’ve decided to memorize an entire book of the Bible.

Over at No. Calories Needed, I’m learning to look forward and I’m trying to stop looking back.

Over at the No Credit Needed Network, I’ve published several updated charts.

Over at the Money Blog Network, we’ve all been writing about entrepreneurship.

From the Money Blog Network –

All Financial Matters notes that Los Angeles wants to ban fast food.  Seriously.

Consumerism Commentary has suggestions for keeping cool sans air conditioner.

Five Cent Nickel writes about the new housing bill that Congress just passed.  Ugh.

Free Money Finance gives pros and cons of buying a house with cash.  My goal!

Get Rich Slowly finds a sneaky deal at the grocery store.  Watch those sizes!

Mighty Bargain Hunter collects a huge list of personal finance bloggers, like me, who use Twitter.

Wise Bread has 10 things learned from buying groceries on a budget.

About the Midnight Meanderings

The Midnight Meanderings are published two or three times a week and highlight articles from across the web as well as the most recent articles from my other sites.