Houseworks Planner – Credit Report For Your Kids – A Quick Stroll Through My Blogroll

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the Money Blog Network –

All Financial Matters asks about the rising price of groceries.

Flexo from Consumerism Commentary has revealed his 2008 budget.

Free Money Finance outlines how he creates his budget.

Five Cent Nickel suggests that there are some items that are worth the money.

Get Rich Slowly inspires (and is inspired by) his sister-in-law.

Mighty Bargain Hunter reminds us (me) to track mileage.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from my Blogroll (and beyond) –

Credit Addict has a great post about credit reports for your kids.

Organized Home has an awesome collection of free, printable houseworks planners.

Lazy Man compares football and personal finance.

Gen X reminds us that the Magellan fund is now open for new investors.

Money Smart Life has suggestions for earning extra income in 2008.

The Sun’s Financial diary made more than $17K in passive income in 2007!

The Digerati Life writes about new appliances and utility costs.

4M writes about a $2500 car – The Tata Nano.

My Two Dollars reminds us of the importance of health insurance.

Paid Twice is in a rebuilding phase – ‘snowflaking’ away.

The Happy Rock goes vegetarian.

My Retirement Blog writes about the silly idea of linking your debit card to your retirement account.  (Please, don’t!)

Frugal Babe reminds us of the power of slowly, consistently, building and emergency fund.