Charity Spotlight 2007 – Good Gifts

I recently asked my fellow personal finance bloggers (and my readers) to contact me and let me know about their favorite charities. Several bloggers and readers have responded – but I’d still love to hear from you! So, read the original post about the Charity Spotlight 2007 and let me know about your favorite charity.

Today, the spotlight shines on Kristen’s favorite charity

Good Gifts – An Organization Located In Hampstead, England

Website: Good Gifts

Kristen’s article about her participation and why she loves this charity: Simple Pound – Good Gifts

A quote from the Good Gifts website –

1. You’re giving directly.

2. The thought really counts.

3. You’re providing a practical solution.

4. You’re effecting positive change.

5. Your gift is wanted.

6. Smiles all round.

A quote from Beth’s Random Life website –

They offer a range of presents to replace the ordinary Christmas gift by contributing to a selected number of charities instead and hence helping people who are in real need. (Y)ou could be giving your parents, partner or friends the warm and content feeling of having helped…

I had never hear of Good Gifts before today, but it looks like an interesting organization. I would be interested to know if they have an American counterpart.

Kristen, thanks for sharing this great charity with us!

If you have a charity that you’d like me to ’spotlight’, please read this post. I’d love to hear from you.

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