Food For Thought – Articles From My Blogroll

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past week.

From the Money Blog Network:

All Financial Matters has an interesting article about calculating the S&P 500 year-to-date return.

Blueprint reminds us to pay close attention to how banks handle ATM fees.

Consumerism Commentary has a great new look (I miss my old green site…) and is thinking about charity contributions.

Five Cent Nickel is adding on to his house – Nickel also recently built an awesome double-desk for his boys.

Get Rich Slowly is thinking about paying off his mortgage – early.

Mighty Bargain Hunter has written an interesting article about the movie “Maxed Out”.

Free Money Finance reminds us to choose generic medications – as often as we can.

From My Blogroll:

Lazy Man talks passive income.

Clever Dude purchased a new car!  (I’m in the market for a newer car – but with the third baby on the way, ours will not be a mini-cooper – more like a mini-van!)

Gen X has a poll about retirement – how is your’s constructed? .

Money Smart life reminds us to start saving for Christmas – now!

The Digerati Life has 8 lessons learned from the World’s cheapest family.

4M has an interesting article about what folks think about pf bloggers.

The Sun’s Financial Diary writes about small-cap funds (which make up about 10% of my 403b).

My Two Dollars is thinking about using a credit union – My parents use one and they love it.

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