Learning A Little Bit About Dividends

I was recently looking through the list of investing blogs over at and I clicked on The Dividend Guy Blog. I was very interested in what I found, and I contacted “the dividend guy” – and asked him if he would write a guest post for No Credit Needed. While I know a good bit about debt reduction and…

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Savings Story

$48,000 Goal Update: 9 Months (Roth IRAs Fully-Funded!)

I’m working towards saving $48,000 this year, which is 60% of our gross household income. Click here to read all posts associated with my $48000 goal. Click here to read about my savings and investing goals for 2007. Here’s my updated chart with detailed information: Explanation My Roth = $8000 ($4000 for 2006 and 2007) Wife’s Roth = $8000 ($4000…

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