Sites With Free Icons For Your Website Or Blog

As you can see, I’ve been changing the look of No Credit Needed. While I don’t normally “blog” about “blogging”, I thought I’d share the following resources with those of you who have websites, run a blog, or just like “free stuff”. (I found these resources while searching for a nice, new “RSS Button” for the right-hand column of the new site. Thanks to David from My Two Dollars for the suggestion! Here’s a recent article David wrote about bundling your cable, phone, and Internet. Check it out to see why I read My Two Dollars.)

First, I found this article about “free icons” over at Max Power. I never realized that there were SO many different definitions of the word “free”. If you use graphics that you find on the web, this article is a must read.

Then, I stumbled Wikimedia Commons, a site dedicated to user-generated, free-to-use media. (I’ll probably “nerd out” at this site for a few hours! Over 1.4 million media files to sift through and use. Wow!) Here’s just one page from the site and it has over 200 free icons!

Finally, I found Feed Icons which offers a zip file of customizable RSS buttons. Jackpot! The file contains basic orange RSS buttons, but, and this is the really cool part, it also contains a gray scale button that you can open in almost any photo editor, allowing you to create a button in the color of your own choice. (As for me, I’m using Paint Shop Pro 6, which I purchased more than five years ago! So, I’m sure that most of you will have a more “up-to-date” program and will find adjusting the colors to be very easy. I simply selected Colors – Adjust – Green/Red/Blue and played around with the dials a bit to get the color that I wanted. You can see the new “Blue RSS Button” at the top right-hand side of this page, and I’ll also include it here as well:

(If you click on the button, you can subscribe to No Credit Needed!)

By the way, if you are new to “blogging” and want to know more about “RSS” or “RSS feeds”, take a look at this article over at What is RSS?. If you have any trouble subscribing or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.