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Using Google And Yahoo To Track My Investment Portfolios

All of my brokerage accounts have “built it” portfolio trackers which track stocks and ETFs in “real time”. But, I use two, free, online portfolio trackers to keep up with my portfolios throughout the day.

Google Finance provides stock quotes, business news, and offers portfolio tracking. Setting up a new portfolio takes just a few minutes, and as with most Google products, the interface is easy to use, uncluttered interface. One quirk: One of my funds does not report correctly. Hopefully, in the future, this will be corrected.

Yahoo Finance provides stock quotes, business news, offers portfolio tracking, investing news, personal finance columns, and financial opinions. Setting up a new portfolio takes a few more minutes with Yahoo, and the interface is rather “cluttered”. Frankly, Yahoo should take a page (or several pages) out of Google’s handbook and clean up their interface. But, I will admit, the depth of information provided by Yahoo is unsurpassed.

For those of you new to investing, like me, there are literally THOUSANDS of investing tools. Quite frankly, the massive amount of sites can be daunting, especially for a novice. Hopefully, as time goes by, I’ll learn more and more about investing.

Definition of the Day

According to Investopedia, a portfolio is: The group of assets – such as stocks, bonds and mutuals – held by an investor.