60 Personal Finance Charts! NCN Network Rocks!

I hope you will take the time to check out the No Credit Needed Network.
In February of 2006, I created the Network as a place were people
(many with blogs like mine) could join together to support one another
and post personal finance related charts. In less than a year, the Network
now has 60+ members! I’m so proud of the Network and its members,
many of whom have paid off (tens of) thousands of dollars in debt! I hope
you’ll take some time to check out the NCN Network. I’ve updated many
of the features, including, but not limited too, the following:

No Credit Needed Network Homepage: Every update comes in the form of a blog post. Easy to read chart!

No Credit Needed Network Join Page: Would you like to join the NCN Network?

No Credit Needed Network Individual Member Page: Each member has their own page, listing all of their progress, from beginning to end! This is an example from one of our members, Debt Monster.

Subscribe To No Credit Needed Network: Subscribe, and you can watch people achieve their goals! (Site is updated almost every day. And some days, I post multiple updates!)

Here’s an example of one of the charts:

This chart belongs to Big Honkin.  Check out his awesome blog and podcast at Geek Out Online.

If you have any questions, use my contact form and drop me a line.

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